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    Discover the largest website of cans from The Coca-Cola Company! Lots of information and pictures are waiting to be found.
    Discover the largest website of cans from The Coca-Cola Company! Lots of information and pictures are waiting to be found.
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    You will find regular cans, commemorative cans and special editions as well.
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    19,314 cans from 163 countries. 111 brands. 1274 series and 163 themes.

is the largest digital can museum for Coca-Cola cans.

Discover all historical cans (cans up to and including 2014, german cans for now). You will see large pictures from every can side. Lots of informations about all cans. Optimized and accessible across all different devices.

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Scalable on Devices

Responsive & Retina

You can scale the site on your device. You will get the best picture resolution for your device. Also at high resolution displays (Retina).

Open and free for all

No Watermarks, no advertising

All pictures are without watermarks or copyright signs to get the best result. And this website is without advertising.

Find what you looking for

Big data

Source of all informations is a large database. So you can find very fast a can you are looking for.

OK Power
Completely green

CO2 free server

The server runs with 100% CO2 free green energy. The use of hydropower is certified by german EnergieVision e.V.

Even more Information Rich

For every can you will get many important information at the beginning. Not only picture and name like other websites.


Brand abbreviation at the top: fast and short. Hover with mouse and read the complete brand name.

Great picture

See very good pictures of the cans. No disturbing background with other cans or objects.

More Pictures

Click on a can in a list and see all details and the cans other sides as well.

Where it is from?

See country of origin and destination countries at each can.

Extensive Documentation

Click on a can and get complete documentation like topend, manufacturing daten and all other facts. If there are variants you can see the differents and the other cans.

Most common information

At the bottom of each can you can see the most common information: content, material, can manufacturer.

new cans in my collection

330 mlFECCE
ID 16303
330 mlFE
ID 16307
330 mlFEEC
ID 16320
330 mlFECCE
ID 20898
330 mlFEBC2
ID 16262
330 mlFECCE
ID 16299
330 mlFECCE
ID 16302
330 mlFECCE
ID 16300

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